About Us

 PT Wellington Capital Advisory (WCA) is an independent capital advisory firm, based in Jakarta and Singapore. We provide a holistic set of advisory services throughout a full investment cycle including market research, establishing new businesses, finding local partners, capital structuring, business plan improvement, and project management. Our goal is to provide clients with the best business plan execution by ensuring that they meet their investment targets in Indonesia and derive the optimal value from their investments.

We have deep expertise in supporting clients in navigating the Indonesian business environment, due to our significant access to private and public organizations. In order to gain a competitive edge in this ever-evolving local market, WCA offers a special service for investors looking to optimize their investments in Indonesia. For more details please click here.

We have also extended our services to support the development of the rapidly growing Tourism Industry in Indonesia. Our focus is to bridge  investment opportunities between International Investors and the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism. For more details please click here

At WCA, we take pride in our ability to assist clients in achieving their investment targets. Our team comprises of highly credentialed experts in cross-sector and multi-disciplinary environments, with 50+ years combined working experiences in Indonesia. The breadth and depth of our experience allows us to provide deep insights into the local market and industry dynamics, while offering highly pragmatic advice and relevant support. 

International and Indonesian Clients

Our Offerings

Our combined skill sets enable us to provide an end-to end service through the entire investment cycle to potential investors, business owners and entrepreneurs who are intending to enter Indonesian market, as follows:


We help our clients to get started in the region by finding local partners, identifying suitable investment/acquisition targets, devising market entry strategies, and providing advice on the shareholding structure for the investment.


Our value proposition:

  • Leverage our deep relationships with industry players, entrepreneurs, regulators, and investors in the region’s TMT sector in order to create business/investment opportunities.

  • Utilize our strong relationships in non-TMT sector in the region, providing the platform to explore potential cross-sector partnerships.

  • Proven experience in devising partnership framework for different types of financial and strategic investors.

  • Deep experience in strategy and business development, both for privately-held and publicly –quoted organizations.


The strength of your business relationships will inevitably have a significant impact on your likely success. Typically, we interact with various parties within a given project; ranging from professional advisors, acquisition targets, candidate partners, local community groups through to industry regulators. We can help you to manage the dynamics of multi-party environments throughout the execution process; from due diligence to deal closing. We will also work with you to define the nature of the relationship you want with your business partners, and develop the appropriate strategy to achieve the desired business partnership.


Our value proposition:

  • We will help you to screen potential investment targets by providing a preliminary assessment of the target

  • We foster strong working relationships with various reputable business advisors

  • Project management and coordination of various parties

  • Deep knowledge of local business practices and laws to ensure smooth negotiations between our clients and associated stakeholders

Development & Monitoring

Once our client has established their business in the region, we can help the organization to build a stronghold through our on-going involvement: such as recruitment of key management hires and the formulation of operational and growth-oriented strategies.


Our value proposition:

  • Leveraging our deep experience in strategy, operations, business development, and financial management to support the continuing growth of the enterprise

  • Utilizing our relationship with the various stakeholders -including government departments and regulatory bodies within each sector – in order to mitigate any risks to the enterprise

Exit Strategy

Either through IPO or trade sale, we can help you identify and assess the best exit strategy for your investment.


Our value proposition:

  • Providing strong and influential access to capital markets within SE Asia

  • Leveraging our intimate relationships with industry players and active investors in order to unlock trade sale opportunities

For detailed examples of our service, please see our portfolio of case studies:


Comprised of industry experts in the TMT sector, our team members are highly motivated and driven. We guarantee to provide strong, analysis-based execution with a single-minded focus on your desired outcome.


We cherish our client relationships and would be interested to understand your current or imminent needs.