Annie Prasetyo

Director of Operations

Annie Prasetyo joined WCA since the early stage of its establishment in July 2011. Her responsibilities are among others support the management on communications, liaison, and correspondence with clients, partners, vendors, and government officials, to mention the least.  In Dec 2015 she joined the Board as Director of Operations and ever since taking care of the day-to-day activities of WCA.  


Gained secretarial education from LPK Tarakanita, her various working experiences include but are not limited to being a senior executive secretary to multi-national enterprises.  She worked for PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (TELKOM) for 16 years since 1995 before joining WCA. TELKOM is a leading state-owned enterprise and  the largest telecommunication service company in Indonesia where she worked for the offices of 4 CFO's and 3 CEO's.