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Investment description

WCA is constructing a pivot strategy for one of the leading Video-on-Demand service provider company in Indonesia to shift into Live Streaming platform dedicated to local creators. The pivot strategy intended to secure an opportunity in the midst of the shifting market and create sustainable revenue streams towards the company. The pivot strategy is set within 1-2 years time frame.

This project is envisioned to create a beneficial and supportive platform for local creators to grow and more connected to the audiences through positive contents.

WCA value creation

  • Advising on the pre-fundraising activities comprising development of a 5-year financial model, enterprise valuation, assessment of capital requirements, and holistic strategy.

  • Developing strategies for market entry, business model, capital structuring and exit.

  • Providing case studies and a ‘mock-up’ sports app to illustrate the content distribution and engagement capabilities.

  • Initiating the business set-up including the development of shareholding, corporate and governance structures.

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