Investing in emerging markets brings inevitable challenges, threats, risks — as well as significant opportunities. The Integrated Execution Service (IES) from WCA gives the investor enhanced control over their investment in Indonesia. Our qualified team quickly translates your investment thesis into executable programs in order to ensure that you meet your investment targets.

WCA's Integrated Execution Service

Quickstart Plan

We begin with a rapid business planning activity and work with the management team in defining how they will align the enterprise with the investor. In this phase, WCA focuses the management team on value creation, and the definition of critical company-wide-targets and specific operational goals.

Investment Thesis

Developed by the investor during due diligence, this is the mechanism that drives end-game value creation.


The End Game - WCA ensures that the agreed execution programs are focused exclusively on delivering the desired outcomes at exit.

Value Initiatives

WCA actively identify key initiatives to drive revenue and margin performance, to enhance operational efficiencies, to optimize business expenses, to align incentives and to impose governance disciplines 

Work Programs

WCA team – in conjunction with the investor and the enterprise management team - define a set of agreed targets, business milestones, and resourcing plans for allocation to the respective business ‘owners’.


WCA provides Board-level management reports to track progress against the agreed value initiatives, and to afford a high degree of visibility and control to all stakeholders. WCA pays particular attention to issue management and  ‘early-warning’ problem resolution.








How We Work with Investors


  • Understand investment thesis

  • Define engagement strategy



  • WCA  team co-locates to the target company

  • Interaction with management team



  • Quick Start plan formulation

  • PMO structure established


  • Performance tracking

  • PMO interventions

  • Management reporting

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