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Investment size

~ USD 1.1 Billion

Transaction type

Divestment transaction

Exit strategy

Equity sale

Investment description

A private investor intended to exit one of its investments in a state-owned enterprise (SOE) in Indonesia after acquiring a significant minority stake in 2006. The SOE engaged in the production and distribution of primary construction materials and was the market leader with a 55% share of total industry output. The exit strategy would like to include a long-term enterprise-wide strategic plan, which was the first endeavor that the SOE had undertaken since its foundation in 1957. The objectives of the strategic plan were to articulate the long-term growth potential and identify key initiatives required to unlock the inherent value of the entity.

WCA value creation

  • Developed a branding strategy for both external parties and internal leadership team moving forward from a “one country-one product” mindset to a leading pan-regional primary construction material manufacturer.

  • Developed core strategies to enhance and sustain asset utilization performance throughout the value chain from raw material sourcing to distribution network optimization.

  • Developed a comprehensive work program structure to drive major strategic initiatives i.e. production capacity growth; energy security; product/service innovation, supply chain and logistics; environmental performance; ICT and human capital development; as well as risk management and local community engagement.

  • Identified 2 potential acquisition targets and 2 strategic partnership opportunities through strict due diligence within Southeast Asia.

  • Formulated a process framework to facilitate sustainable knowledge and experience transfer for both existing companies to new-acquired entities.

  • Developed a long-term financial model to highlight capital expenditure requirements and fundraising strategy with a focus on leveraging unused debt capacity.

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