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Investment size

USD 200 - 300 Million

Transaction type

Spectrum/network consolidation

Exit strategy

IPO or trade sale

Investment description

NetCo is an initiative to consolidate the spectrum and network of CDMA operators to give them leverage to compete on a more equal footing with the GSM operators on the rationale that currently the spectrum was fragmented and ~75% of the market share belonged to the top three GSM providers who had a combined spectrum of 100 MHz and that the CDMA operators only had ~13% market share and a combined spectrum of 30 MHz.

WCA value creation

  • Developed the preliminary stage of the business including initial high-level business case and feasibility analysis based on the consolidation of CDMA operators.

  • Collaborated with 3 CDMA operators and 2 strategic business partners (Qualcomm & Huawei) for commitment in the preliminary analysis stage of NetCo.

  • Performed a feasibility analysis based on the consolidation of 3 CDMA operators.

  • Lobbied regulators for future regulations to allow spectrum sharing and technology neutral policies.

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