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Investment size

USD 10 Million

Transaction type

New business venture

Exit strategy

IPO or trade sale

Investment description

WCA is constructing a long term business model for a Sports Intellectual Property (IP) Company with the intent of securing an attractive and sustainable enterprise valuation. An exit within 5 years via an IPO is the ultimate target.

This project is envisioned to be the first Sports IP Company in Indonesia that addresses the entire value chain - encompassing content generation, content aggregation, sports IP creation, content distribution, event management, and end user engagement (actual and virtual).

WCA value creation

  • Advising on the pre-fundraising activities comprising development of a 5-year financial model, enterprise valuation, assessment of capital requirements, and holistic strategy.

  • Developing strategies for market entry, business model, capital structuring and exit.

  • Providing case studies and a ‘mock-up’ sports app to illustrate the content distribution and engagement capabilities.

  • Initiating the business set-up including the development of shareholding, corporate and governance structures.

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