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Investment size

~ USD 200 Million

Transaction type

Growth capital, roll-ups

Exit strategy

Trade sale

Investment description

A global PE fund wanted to invest in a small, independent BTS tower company in Indonesia. The investors would like to co-invest with a trusted local partner(s) while having majority ownership and control in the target company (“TowerCo”) in order to run the investment.

WCA value creation

  • Assisted in finding 1 local partner after negotiating with several potential parties.

  • Developed strategies for the entire investment lifecycle: from market entry to exit.

  • Identified 12 suitable investment opportunities after screening 40+ potential targets.

  • Advised on M&A transactions of the acquisition of 850+ towers within 21 months from due diligence, legal document review, closing, to post-merger integrations.

  • Advised on a US$ 35 M fundraising from 1 bank including the compliance of each covenant for each M&A transaction drawdown

  • Advised on strict due diligence for 3,500 tower disposal by one of the top 3 telco operator in Indonesia.

  • Spearheaded the company from the incorporation of the legal entity, good corporate governance, to key personnel recruitment.

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