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Investment size

IDR 2 - 3.6 Trillion

Transaction type

Strategy; Market Entry

Exit strategy

IPO or trade sale

Investment description

One of the biggest Indonesian conglomerates was the owner of 2.3 GHz spectrum band through WiMaxCo covering most of parts of Indonesia: Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, and Bali. The company would like to engage in the acquisition of a nationwide LTE license for the spectrum. In order to do so, they would like to evaluate different strategic options in the future telecoms markets including obtaining an independent valuation on the nationwide 2.3 GHz license.

WCA value creation

  • Evaluated different strategic options by evaluating industry outlook, market demands, customer trends, competitive benchmarking, potential new entrants (including wireless, wireline, cable TV, media companies), as well as potential M&A activities.

  • Identified the most optimal strategy and business model should the company become the new network provider.

  • Evaluated the valuation of the spectrum band by using value chain approach on different scenarios.

  • Developed a corporate strategy to re-launch a nationwide 4G broadband service.

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