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Investment size

USD 50 Million

Transaction type

Due diligence for debt restructuring

Exit strategy


Investment description

An international lending institution would like to consider restructuring the debt of a distressed wireless broadband provider in Indonesia. They would like to know key strategic considerations by performing comprehensive analysis with the objective of maximizing value from the situation.

WCA value creation

  • Conducted market research on both telecommunication and tech industries including drivers and growth trends.

  • Provided updates on regulatory overview, frequency allocation, and spectrum auction.

  • Performed competitive benchmarking including thorough financial performance, number of subscribers, area of competition, and proposition between each player.

  • Created a turnaround strategy by performing thorough business analysis to identify key issues and growth opportunities.

  • Created a summary of risk of the wireless broadband provider including market and competitive risk, regulatory risk, technology risk, and financial risk.

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