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OTT Streaming – Not Every Player Will Be A Winner

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

The Internet is rapidly becoming the platform of choice for media consumption across the entire business and consumer landscape. The supremacy of TV in this domain has been disrupted by the emergence of multiple OTT streaming applications. These platforms offer consumer and business users unprecedented access to more online video than ever before, which in turn drives expectation levels for high quality, on-demand viewing experiences.

At the same time there is an intense turf war ongoing among OTT streaming players at all levels of the market - global, regional and local. To secure a sustainable and scalable footprint, each player is required to commit significant resources to the development of their service delivery platform, content assets, and technology roadmap.In turn, investors need deep pockets and continued patience as the market evolves and as the competing business models mature and expand.

In the Indonesian market, OTT players are facing dual challenges, namely widespread content piracy and an inherent resistance on the part of consumers to pay for content. The shutdown of HOOQ and the well-documented difficulties faced by iflix are prime examples of how tough the market is.

Despite these dynamics, the nascent market is still wide open and no clear winner is evident yet. With this in mind, the WCA team in Jakarta has prepared a short report on the OTT Streaming Landscape in Indonesia to provide a general understanding of the industry.

OTT Players in Indonesia
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