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The OTT Streaming Wars Arrive in Indonesia

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

At Wellington, we are focused on helping investors - both VCs and PE companies - to understand the dynamics of the rapidly-evolving TMT market sector in Indonesia.

As part of this charter, we have taken a 'deep dive' into the online video-streaming market by profiling the '12 Noteworthy' providers in the category - from Indonesia, Asia and USA.

The detailed profiles contained in our latest report <here> highlight the respective go-to-market strategies of these providers, comprising competitive positioning, content development, partnership strategy and monetization models. The format of the report enables you to make a quick comparison between each of the players.

Current indications are that the video streaming market is forecast to grow by up to 30% per year through to 2025. This trajectory will open up opportunities for investors, particularly in view of the competitive intensity that is already evident in the market.

The winners and losers are not yet apparent, but market consolidation is inevitable over time - in keeping with the trends across the entire TMT landscape in Indonesia.

You can download the report via our website from <here> and please feel free to contact us with any immediate comments or questions.


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