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WCA: Capital Introduction Program

If you are executing a growth plan for your business – infrastructure expansion, additional capacity, product line extensions, new market entry, etc, - you will be looking to raise capital through a variety of financing options.

Access to certain funding sources may already be closed to you - shareholder capital, bank loans, credit facilities, bridge financing – so we are proposing that you consider an exclusive proposition from WCA and our global lending partner.

As such, WCA is pleased to showcase the immediate availability of principal debt instruments - ranging from USD 50 million to USD 200 million.

These debt offerings are intended primarily for enterprises in proven and reputable industry verticals (including non-ESG sectors) and operated by financially-sound companies capable of servicing the associated debt obligations via ongoing cash flows.

The typical project duration ranges from 2 to 5 years and may be extended for up to 7 years for large-scale programs. Interest rates vary between 12% and 15% (designated in US Dollars) - subject both to the industry vertical(s) in question and the anticipated debt-servicing capability.

WCA will work with candidate companies to compile the documentation required for submission to our lending partner, including a detailed business plan describing the use of the debt capital, existing operating licenses and permits (if applicable); and audited financial reports for the prior three years (including P&L statements).

We will protect the above information via the provision of a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Please refer to our Wellington Capital Advisory Snapshot for more details.

The WCA team is available for an initial face-to-face meeting or conference call with you in order to discuss this proposition in more detail - contact us.

WCA Capital Introduction Program
Download PDF • 1.90MB


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