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Thanks to the strategic and operational support provided by the Wellington Capital Advisory (WCA) team, we successfully participated in a co-investment alongside a Global TMT PE Fund.

Nusantara Infrastructure worked hand-in-hand with the WCA team to create the tower company 'from scratch'. We greatly appreciated the sterling work that WCA carried out, from the initial investment thesis, through to the formation of the tower company. WCA then assisted in all aspects of the day-to-day implementation and operational programs - up to and including the exit for all stakeholders.

The WCA team clearly understood the needs of our Investment Committee, and consistently delivered results that were founded on strong and innovative execution.

Danni Hasan, Chief Operating Officer/Director, Nusantara Infrastructure 

Wellington Capital Advisory (WCA) defined an integrated Investment Strategy in order to consolidate a substantoal asset base of telecommunication towers in Indonesia. The major components of the engagement were as follows:

  • Identifying and assisting a global TMT fund to co-invest with a highly reputable in-country investment partner

  • Executing the acquisition of a number of target tower assets, which created a substantial operating company in the Indonesian tower industry

  • Developing the strategies for the end-to-end investment life cycle - from market entry to final exit. 

  • WCA assumed multiple responsibilities throughout the entire project:

  • Creating and developing the strategic investment roadmap,

  • Identifying and qualifying key tower acquisition targets,

  • Collaborating with chosen investment partners to participate in the tower consolidation process,

  • Spearheading the company from the initial incorporation of the legal entity,

  • Sstablishing a robust and sustainable corporate organization structure, 

  • Implementing good corporate governance practices,

  • Defining enterprise-wide operating policies and  procedures,  

  • Recruiting key personnel and engaging with third party advisors,

  • Managing the ongoing tower acquisition program via a rigorous due diligence process.

The culmination  of these activities was a highly successful exit of the tower company with an asset base that had doubled in size within 2 to 3 years. 

WCA also advised on a USD 35 M fundraising from an individual bank, which included the subsequent compliance to all covenants relating to each of the discrete tower M&A transactions. Successful drawdowns then ensued.

At the end of the investment cycle, the company’s EV grew from 2013-2018 by 2.3x, and the tower asset base grew by 180%.

Mohamad Iwan, Co-Founder & CEO for KIN (April 2015 - May 2018) 

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