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Wellington is an independent advisory firm – staffed by senior executives with decades of operational experience in Indonesia – which helps investors address complex strategic and operational issues within their Indonesian investees, with a specialization in the Technology, Media and Telecoms (TMT) sectors.

We work closely with investors and their management teams to revitalize strategy, improve performance and drive value so they can thrive in the largest economy in Southeast Asia.

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Wellington combines its management expertise with a disciplined execution model which we pioneered, which we call the ‘Integrated Execution Service’ approach.

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The digital boom has come to Indonesia, and along with hyper growth has come a raft of governance and reporting challenges.


Wellington helps to focus management teams on the ‘vital few’ priorities during high growth phases and implements rigorous governance processes to enable investors to maintain effective oversight of their most successful companies.

Operational Governance

Investment Chart

All investors seek success from every investee, but the raw reality is that some investment theses don’t pan out.

Wellington helps stuck companies get unstuck. We mentor management teams to rapidly refocus on new market priorities and help them recalibrate their organizations to pursue new markets and opportunities.

Pivot Strategy

Signing a Contract

Companies in Indonesia regularly need to raise new capital, and M&A activity is continually increasing.

Through our network of long-standing relationships, Wellington has years of experience in connecting investors and companies in Indonesia, and supporting their transactions with research, due diligence, business plans and structuring for both capital injections and exits.

Deal Support

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When investees lose their way, high-level intervention is required to refresh the company’s focus on the market and its core strengths.

Our senior executives work hands-on in close quarters with investors and management to revitalize the strategy and business model by realigning it with the needs of the market, and revamp internal structures and operations to ensure the company can deliver on its market potential.

Strategic Realignment

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