Wellington Capital Advisory is an independent capital advisory firm focusing on the Indonesian market. We partner with both private and public investors to drive capital growth by unlocking the potential of the largest economy in Southeast Asia.

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Deal Execution

Every transaction is a defining moment for investors. It is the time when expert advice, disciplined due diligence, network outreach, and access to capital is invaluable.


On trade sales, M&As, joint ventures, and other restructurings of both public and private companies, we work alongside our clients on complex transactions and provide creative solutions to manage risk exposure.

Development & Monitoring

By leveraging local network, we build great enterprises  through the creation of innovative business models and the formulation of pragmatic strategies, the development of strong leadership capabilities, an overt focus on operational improvement and the forging of partnerships with influential stakeholders (including regulatory bodies) are other attributes of our approach.

Exit Strategy

We guide our clients to realize capital growth at the end of investment cycle by conceiving and executing the best-fit exit strategy M&A, trade sale, and  IPO are options available to these companies.Through our network of long standing relationships, we have demonstrable experience in connecting investors and companies in Indonesia.

Deal Origination

Driven by our extensive network within Indonesia, coupled with our in-depth understanding of the market, we connect both international and local investors to highest-value investment opportunities.



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